Ängsbacka Online – magical moments of connection and togetherness!

Ängsbacka has been a home away from home, a sanctuary and a source of inspiration to live life fully for thousands of people over the past 24 years. Now we are extending our reach through Ängsbacka Online.

Forever dedicated to deep and transformative experiences; we will do our utmost to breathe the Ängsbacka magic into all what we share. We truly hope that you will feel welcome with all that you are, to be part of a growing community of open hearts, presence and celebration of Life!

Our first online event will be the NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION end of this month. You can read more about it here.


Volunteering Experience

The volunteer program at Ängsbacka is meant to be a source of inspiration for a more sustainable way of living socially, bringing us deeper into our own heart, where authenticity and natural joy reside. During your stay at Ängsbacka, you are invited to hold presence and authentic relating as central pillars in your daily life. We share several practices to support you with this; two of which are ‘sharing circles’ and the concept of ‘working meditation’.

Throughout the year we offer different volunteering opportunities that might interest you.

Course season volunteer

Summer volunteer

Yoga & Dance Easter Volunteer

European Solidarity Corps