FAQ about upcoming events

Given the circumstances, naturally, a lot of questions related to Covid-19 in relation to our upcoming events arise. Here we respond to some of the more frequent ones. If you are sitting on a question that you can’t find the answer for, feel free to reach out through our contact page.

What is Ängsbacka’s general approach in this situation?

We envision and intend that Ängsbacka will keep offering activities that are in line with current restrictions and recommendations. We will adjust and stay open for as long as we possibly can until the restrictions are lifted and we can transition into offering Ängsbacka’s program at full potential once again. If circumstances need us to act differently we will of course have to adjust to that too.

What measures are taken to support the physical health and safety of the people visiting and working at Ängsbacka?

We welcome people who are healthy – without symptoms of flu – to Ängsbacka in these times. If you are not well we expect you to cancel your participation before arrival. If you get symptoms while on-site please refrain from interactions with others and contact our participant host or the site&safety team straight away.

Our starting point when it comes to being here is that everyone should be able to practice social distancing during their stay and so we have made the necessary arrangements based on official recommendations in situations where crowding may occur (food lines, café etc). You will find hand sanitisers in these places as well as at the bathrooms. Hand towels are replaced with paper towels.

We are offering single- and double-room accommodation as usual. For some of our events, we also offer dorms and in these cases, fewer people than normal are assigned to each dorm so that distance can be maintained.

We expect everyone to take responsibility for their own actions, to follow instructions on-site and fully respect and support the choices of others. 

In the actual activities offered in each workshop space, we practice the principle of consent and it is the responsibility of the space holder to introduce this concept at the start of the course/workshop.

Even if we take precautions and strive to support a healthy space we can of course not give any guarantees in the current situation. So if you belong to a risk group or are in close contact with risk groups, please consider your decision to come here carefully.

Welcome to contact us if you have questions.

What is the cancellation policy right now?

You always find the current cancellation policy for each type of event here  – this is also the page you are redirected to when booking an event. We kindly ask you to print or save the page for future reference.

The following main aspects of the policies are meant to promote health at Ängsbacka

  • We do not ask for a doctor’s confirmation if you get sick – as we don’t want to add pressure onto the health care system these days. Instead, we practice trusting our participants to be truthful about their state of health.
  • If you get sick and cannot come it is our intention that you will not automatically lose the money you have paid. We offer a few different possibilities such as a voucher, assign new ticket holder and in some cases full or partial refund.
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